Our Mission: It’s Pretty Simple, and Real Honest.

We want to make the health benefits and functional benefits of raw, fermented vegetables available to everyone, and in ways people already eat and drink, so you can fit them into your daily diet real easily. That’s it, and it’s pretty straight forward and easy to understand.

But if we can do it, we’ll have served you, and humanity in general! And isn’t that what this should all be about anyway.

Our Founders

family-picHi! We’re Scott and Cathy Grzybek, and our story is a fairly simple one – perhaps, in many ways, like yours. We’re just normal people. We’re both from rural, small-town Pennsylvania, and we had normal educations, worked normal jobs, and generally lived the good, hard-working lives expected of us. But over the years, as we got older and perhaps a bit wiser, we realized that our food sources weren’t working in our best interest.

Perhaps like yourself, we dabbled with health foods, jetting from one fad to another, but never really understanding WHAT was healthy, or what “health food” really was. All we knew was that the highly processed food and the confusion in our lives sure wasn’t making us healthier – just more out of shape than ever before.

kidsSometimes, though, things have a way of working themselves out. We were lucky enough to be able to move out to the beautiful Eastern Pennsylvania countryside, and we also found out about a way of living based on the whole food diets our ancestors ate. Armed now with a bit of land to play with and better knowledge than we ever had before, we quickly started growing everything we could. And it made all the difference for us.

But, food doesn’t store itself, and it doesn’t come out of the ground in a convenient fashion either. So, we learned about the ancient art of fermentation as the most natural, healthy way of preserving these wonderful gifts from our garden. And a love affair was born. So, that’s where the idea for Zukay started. We couldn’t keep it to ourselves, and we wanted to pass on this most awesome way of eating and drinking to every one. We hope you love our products and appreciate the aura of love and gratitude we put into every bottle, and that we can be an important part of your path to a much healthier, happier you!

All our love,
Scott, Cathy, Jacob, and Noah Grzybek