Fitness can mean many different things to many different people. Scott used Yoga for 12 years to stay in shape after high school and college. More recently, the Zukay team has become addicted to CrossFit.

Maybe they’re not your cup of tea (or kvass), and that’s ok! Maybe you’re training for your next half marathon or you like to hit the trails with your mountain bike on the weekends. Maybe you’re just starting your fitness journey for the first time!

Zukay’s Kvass is the perfect drink for your fitness plan. It’s raw, so it’s packed with tons of veggie nutrition. It’s fermented which makes it probiotic and extremely low in sugar.

There are even more benefits too. Research shows that if you drink a beet juice, like our Beet or Beet Ginger Kvass, an hour before you’re working out you might be able to notice aerobic respiration gains up to 16%! That means you’ll be able to run a little further, climb a little bit higher, or swing a few more kettlebells before you’re tired.


Your ancestors were strong, vibrant people. They not only survived famines, floods, wars, and beasts – they THRIVED to create great civilizations, explore distant lands, and become us.

They didn’t suffer from today’s maladies of obesity, type II diabetes, IBS, etc. Food may not have always been plentiful, but every drop of it was organic, pure, unprocessed, and, very often, probiotic. They knew raw, fermented vegetables, in all their forms, were life-giving and sustaining, and generally healthier than unfermented raw vegetables. They knew these jewels kept them strong year-round, and they became a central part of their diet – and often even their culture.


When you’re talking about Veggie•Biotics, you’re talking real, traditional, life sustaining food. Zukay’s Veggie•Biotic kvass drinks and salad dressings are made only from raw, organic, farm fresh veggies that are fermented in the ancient traditions, using only wild cultures we hand-batch ourselves.

Why does this mean so much? Probiotics have become huge news in the natural food world, and for good reason – they’re necessary for good health, and the modern American’s guts are under siege. But they’re not all made equally. While many companies offer all kinds of lab-made lactobacilli and probiotic blends, Veggie•Biotics like Zukay’s kvass and salad dressings offer you the original probiotic – the one that kept mankind healthy and vibrant for millennia. The only other thing you get from Veggie-Biotics is something you want and need – a tremendous amount of pure, untouched raw vegetable nutrition. Our Veggie•Biotic products have no added sugars, no fillers, no natural or artificial flavors, gelatins, or any other ingredient that you just don’t need.

So enjoy the purity and health of Zukay’s Veggie•Biotic products! And enjoy our true return to our ancestral, real, vibrant selves.