Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op

It takes a lot to make Veggie•Biotic drinks and salads, and if you’re going to make the world’s healthiest beverages, you probably should use the world’s best ingredients. So, most of our ingredients are raw, organic vegetables, and are bought locally in-season whenever possible from Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op.

Mountain Rose Herbs

We do have a few dry roots, herbs and spices in our products, and we are very proud that they all come from Mountain Rose Herbs, one of the world’s purest and most eco-conscious purveyors of herbs and spices.

We do add a touch of raw, organic, green stevia herb to our kvasses to give them a more approachable, gentle flavor. Our stevia is totally unprocessed, raw and green, unlike the stevia extract most companies use. It’s as pure as all our other ingredients.

Selina Naturally

We also add a small amount of salt, which is necessary for fermentation. That being said, we use only Celtic Sea Salt from Selina Naturally – so it’s full of the entire range of natural minerals found in this tremendous ingredient.

We are proud of all our ingredients, and we want you to feel as confident as possible that you’re getting the best nature has to offer!